Jordan Clark


Founder of Dooeys


Generated 3,000 leads through Facebook ads in just a few weeks for her vegan footwear business, and then launched and exceeded her Kickstarter target of $12,500 in just 3 days.


"The Future Females Business School is 100% worth it. It was one of the best decisions I made leading up to the launch of my business"

Chiara Hänel


Founder of Change-Now


Ran her first ads to her landing page and started holding webinars. Shortly after that she got her first paid job as a motivational speaker.


"Beside the community aspect, I loved the structure of the programme and how each chapter builds up on the previous to create a journey on how to set up your own brand, digital experience, marketing and all other business areas"

Alicia Ferrer Roman


Co-Founder of Grüneo


Launched her first online shop and raised over 11 000€ with her crowdfunding campaign.


"With this intensive course of entrepreneurship, I deep dived into the first steps of my business, for example, sketching my customer persona, writing my vision and learning about how to test a prototype"

Meet Shannon... 


Founder of a platform that assists unemployed casual laborers to find  jobs 

Meet Tofunmi...


Founder of an on demand beauty app

Meet Jenna...


A talented copywriter with love for travel & helping small businesses

What are you waiting for? 
Let's build your dream business!

Future Females Business School is a 10-week virtual accelerator that supports members to:


  • ​Identify the biggest opportunities for revenue, profit & impact & how to position yourself to seize them

  • Understand how to craft an attractive offer for the current market, that will bring the right customers to you

  • Learn how to sell profitably online utilising Facebook & Instagram ads, and how to approach relevant partners

  • Take control over your income, and your financial future

We have proven to be the best choice for female entrepreneurs because of:

Whether you have an eCommerce, a service-based business or an online programme in mind - if you are ready to stop dreaming & start doing - THIS is the programme that is proven to make that dream a reality.


This programme is for women who are ready to take control of their futures, to diversify their income and create a 100% online, sustainable revenue stream, in the form of their own thriving online business.

We’re Cerina and Lauren, the co-founders of Future Females and we know first-hand about building businesses online.  


Between us we’ve started five businesses, worked in six global accelerators, directly coached over 3,000 female entrepreneurs, and built the Future Females community… to over 53 cities and 85,000 members, all in under 4 years. We understand the formula for bringing your idea to life (and keeping your life together in the process) – and we’re excited to share it with you!  


The Future Females Business School Accelerator Programme is the brain child of our entrepreneurial journey, inspired by global entrepreneurs we have worked with over the years and their golden nuggets of knowledge - and now we're excited to share it with you! 


    ​Receive 10 weeks of custom & actionable programme materials that show you not just the 'what', but also the 'how' and takes you behind the scenes of real businesses so you can see exactly what's working & what's not.


    Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the same entrepreneurial journey as you! This is a space to share your story, learn from others, collaborate and stop by for inspiration, education and support.


    Have your burning questions answered and benefit from the challenges, progress and wins of other members in our weekly live office hours sessions, where we delve deeper into each module’s content, to ensure you’re ahead of the game.



    ​Be matched with another entrepreneur at a similar stage, creating a similar business to you, to support & hold each other accountable through the programme.

Ready to diversify your income? 

Let's grow a 100% online revenue

stream for your business together.

  • Module 1: Define your WHY, your vision and your actionable business plan

  • Module 2: Craft your attractive product & offer and map out your profit plan

  • Module 3: Define your brand purpose, positioning, personality & visual style guide

  • Module 4:  Set yourself up professionally online and build your website

  • Module 5: ​Create your digital landing page and map out the online sales funnel that will turn strangers into paying customers

  • Module 6:  Learn how to scale fast by running profitable ads across Facebook & Instagram

  • Module 7: Map out and automate your welcome email sequence, to turn your leads into engaged customers

  • Module 8: Learn how to sell, without being salesy - to partners, sponsors and direct to customers 

  • Module 9: Create a budget to track and optimise for profit, and see how to make smart data-based decisions

  • Module 10: Explore different ways of scaling your business and when is the right time to scale

This 10 week programme gives you the exact roadmap and support you need to confidently take action to build your business. We cover everything from your purpose & brand, your marketing and sales plan, your finances, and how to create the lifestyle you want to have as an entrepreneur. It’s not only business, branding and budgeting, but also mindset, motivation & inspiration.


How long is this programme?


The programme runs for 10 weeks, covering 10 actionable topics to drive a step-change in your business. This is an intensive programme, which will accelerate your business. You can start at any time however we suggest you only join if you are ready to work through the content as coaching is available for only the 10 weeks in programme.


Are there any physical interactions in the programme?


Due to our cohorts being very diverse, attracting entrepreneurs from across the world, our programme is fully online, making it accessible to everyone from any location. During COVID-19, Future Females is not hosting any offline events, and have moved all of our chapter events online. As a Future Females Business School member you are welcome to attend any event free during the programme.


What is the commitment requirement?


The most successful participants will spend a minimum 3 to 4 hours a week progressing through the content, and engaging with their coaches and peers. Like anything in life, what you put in is what you get out!


What happens if I fall behind?


We understand that building a business is not an overnight success - we also understand that every business develops at its own pace! The good news is that you have access to all the content for 12 months from the start date, so if you fall behind you are welcome to work at your own pace and catch up in your own time.


We do however encourage you to stay up to date, and “accelerate” your business over our 10 weeks together, as well as benefit from the coaching sessions which will not be available post programme.


Is there any coaching involved?


Our group coaching sessions are available during the 10 weeks from the sign-up date. 


1:1 coaching is not part of the programme and if this is something you are looking for, it would need to be a separate request at an additional cost based on availability.


And the end, will I receive a certification?


This is an entrepreneurial organisation, focused on taking action - as such we prefer to partner with leading global accelerators and enables (such as Techstars and the UK-SA Tech Hub), rather than an educational organisation. As such, you will receive a completion certificate, but it is not accredited.


Will this program work for <x> business?


We have graduated 1833 entrepreneurs from our Future Females Business School Accelerator programme, which is specifically designed and has breakout modules for each of the four following types of businesses:


* Product Business

* Service based Business 

* Online Businesses

* Tech-enabled Businesses 


The core programme content will equip you with lean startup strategies that are applicable and transferable across different business models and industries, so you can use them not just in your current business, but as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey. So whether you have a product-based or service-based business, are building the next Facebook or crypto-exchange, this programme will work for you.



Will this programme work if I haven’t yet started working on my idea?


Absolutely – this programme will equip you with the strategies you need to test your idea and validate demand for it in the market, so you can then confidently invest your time, money and effort into bringing it to life. We help you pick your niche and get the marketing plan in place to ensure you build in a profitable and scalable way.


Will the programme work if I’m already in business?


Yes! Many of our entrepreneurs from our 2019 and 2020 programme were already operating businesses, and used the Future Females Business School content and personal support structures to become more profitable, flexible and to scale fast, in a sustainable way.  


Is the FFBS Accelerator Programme only for female founders?


Future Females Business School (like Future Females) is all about being inclusive and is open to all entrepreneurs ! 

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